Featured Speaker: Android Jones

Internationally renowned digital and multimedia artist

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Lyons, Colorado born Independent Artist Android Jones began studying art at age 8.  He attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota FL, where he trained in traditional academic drawing/painting and animation. Jones interned at George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic and later founded Massive Black, an art development company based in LA.  Android began his career as an Independent Artist in 2005. He now lives in his home town of Lyons, maintaining a large art studio in a repurposed barn.

Best described as a “digital painter,” Jones has created an immense body of work. He has become well known for his many layered, psychedelic works and live performances using a custom built digital set up. He participated in the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well Tour and his work has been projected on the Sydney Opera House and the Empire State Building. A long time member of the Burning Man community, Android has traveled the world exhibiting his work and has contributed to events on 6 continents.

At the center of Jones’ work is spirituality and altered states of consciousness. Describing his work as Electro-Mineralism, Jones attributes his ability to create to the wonders of technology, crediting the planet’s resources for advancements in art production. Manipulating light and energy, Android Jones captures complex concepts while utilizing his formal background in the arts. Described as a digital alchemist, he is determined to alter the viewer’s perception, pushing the boundaries of the imagination through the use of innovative media forms. &  &

Featured Speaker: Beth Weinstein

Spiritual business coach; host of Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose & Business

As a spiritual business coach, Beth Weinstein helps current and aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, spiritual leaders, healers, and more align with their purpose and grow their business, step-by-step, so they can help more people, profit with their passion, and have a fulfilling business working on their terms, from anywhere on earth.

Using her experience starting and growing multiple businesses, along with neuroscience-backed methodologies, spiritual teachings, and practical business action plans, Beth helps you move past your fears and limiting beliefs so that you overcome any obstacle and get your gifts out to the world in an impactful and successful way.

She guides you in a step-by-step process to grow your spiritually-based business using a balanced, co-creative approach combining practical business coaching and heart-centered marketing strategies together with spiritually-based mindset training and manifesting work.

Beth has been a speaker on multiple stages, podcasts, and online summits and has been featured in The New York Post, Huffington Post, Time Out New York, Racked, Thrillist and more. Learn more at:

Featured Speakers: Dr. Dan Engle

Medical director of Kuya Institute for Transformational Medicine; specializing in Psychiatry and Neurology with a clinical practice combining regenerative medicine, orthomolecular psychiatry, integrative spirituality & peak performance methods

Dr. Dan Engle specializes in Psychiatry and Neurology, with a clinical practice that combines aspects of regenerative medicine, orthomolecular psychiatry, integrative spirituality and peak performance methods. Currently, he is Medical Director of the Kuya Institute for Transformational Medicine and consultant to Onnit Labs in Austin Texas, the True Rest Float Centers in Phoenix Arizona as well as several international healing centers using indigenous plant medicines of the Peruvian Amazon River basin.  His programs include Freedom From Meds, a comprehensive and integrative tool kit for successful transition from psychiatric medications, the Concussion Repair Manual, facilitating the return to optimal function after concussion and traumatic brain injury, BOLD - Brain Optimization and Lifestyle Design - a coaching program for maximizing brain health and cognitive performance, and Full Spectrum Medicine, a research, education and advocacy platform pioneering the future psychiatric healing centers using consciousness expansion tools for root-cause healing and total life transformation.  For more information visit:, &