Featured Speaker: Tammi Sweet

Co-Founder of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials;
author of “The Wholistic Healing Guide to Cannabis”; Researcher, Educator

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Her journey in working with cannabis starting at the age of 30 and her passion in bringing to the community the wisdom and importance of plants, the science of cannabis, seeing cannabis as a bridgewalker for purpose/business. Hear Tammi’s perspective on the direction we need to take in order to respect and have the right relationship with our plant ancestors. An opportunity to explore how to create tools to deal with what we are going through. Learning how sacred plants can heal our bodies to allow us to be more whole, ways to tune into our land.

Featured Speaker: Lotus Sky

Transformational musician and Shamanic Servant

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Lotus Sky is a musical channel and shamanic guide, born and raised in the Philippines and hailing from the Golden State of California. Through her study with different shamanic lineages, training in multiple healing and transformational modalities, as well as connecting to her star and earth guides to channel Light Language, Lotus Sky helps people cultivate Self-Mastery as Illuminated Leaders so that they may create a life of impact, freedom and spiritual fulfillment. Lotus Sky has been called Nature Spirit, a Cosmic Channel, and Earth Angel, where her voice brings profound healing, and her shamanic offerings are truly transmissions from beyond the veil. For more information, go to

Featured Speakers: Laura Dawn

Visionary Life and Business Coach, Psychedelic advocate, author, and international speaker

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A Visionary Life and Business Coach, Psychedelic advocate, author, and international speaker, Laura Dawn has been leading transformational retreats for 10 years, inspiring people to wake up to greater possibility in their lives. 

Laura Dawn teaches you how to intentionally explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines, within a holistic framework as powerful visionary tools for growth, transformation, and creative manifestation. 

She is passionate about teaching people how to consciously microdose psychedelics within the framework of a daily morning practice, to inspire you to open your creative channel, up-level daily habits, and tap into flow states so you can create with a purpose.

She grew her first online brand to 1.5M people on FB, sold it for 6-figures, wrote 2 published books, built a volcanic hot spring retreat center from scratch, and built a 6-figure retreat business — all using the visionary techniques and practices she teaches.